Let Children Smile

Adoption Critics

Some claim adoption is nothing but buying children from parents who otherwise would care for them if they had the resources. That works in a perfect world. Only one problem: our world isn’t perfect.

Some parents don’t want their children.
Some parents behave badly and endanger their children.
Some parents abuse their children, abandon them, and traffic them.
These same ones decide international adoption is suspect. Is there corruption in some countries? Yes! That’s why we advocate adopting from Hague Convention countries.

The U.S. is a Hague Convention partner. That means when American parents adopt from another Hague country, the adoption is highly regulated. An in-country home study must be completed by a qualified social worker. U.S. Embassy and Immigration must investigate the adopted child’s history to determine of the child fits the legal definition of an orphan.
It’s called accountability.

Most instances of adoption corruption are from countries that have private adoption systems. Do Hague countries create more red tape? Yes. But it protects the children and the parents who adopt them.
That said, international adoptions are down 72% since 2005. Why? Several reasons (including political). One reason: some countries struggle to meet the Hague strict standards.

It’s easy to criticize, generalize, and bully the very ones seeking to care for the fatherless. In the meantime, the most helpless and vulnerable long for a family that cares.

~Wilson Adams